14 May 2008

The end of the sunshine

Here in the UK, we have just had a solid week of 20+ degree centigrade, blue sky filled, beautiful, glorious sunshine - a rare occurrence for us!. However, all that will be stopping overnight, when the grey skies and rain return. So in order to remind myself of how good the sun makes me feel, I decided to look for sun or sunshine related items. Five of my favourites are coming up now!

This first item comes courtesy of Rosylnscloset and is just perfect for that little ray of sunshine in your life. Unless that ray of sunshine is an adult, in which case they will look like a numpty wearing children's clothes!

The second item is made by the hands of Loreto and is described as "liquid sunshine". Ok, so the picture is of a lemon, but the actual product is a citrusy smelling perfume, which is just perfect to wear in summer.

This beautiful decoration currently resides in the joysmoon Etsy shop. The face reminds me of a book I read as a child, about a very windy day or something, so it was nice to be taken back to my childhood. I'm sure with this hung on your wall, your life will be brightened up!

This incredibly cute nursery mobile was made by AmyGaines. In fact, I'd say it was one of the cutest items I have ever seen on Etsy. My favourite bit, ironically for a blog about sunshine, is the raindrops, though I do love all three levels!

A glorious photograph for sale by grafixmode. What better way, on a rainy day, to remind you of sunshine is there than an actual photo of rays of sunlight shining through the trees and a great big sunflower smiling at you too?

So all in all, a sunny and warm collection of items to warm you on those rainy days! Imagination is a great friend!


  1. There's something about a sunflower that will just brighten your day

  2. I couldn't figure out what to do..I wish you could have seen me..I was with camera in hand and everything I took a picture of, was lousy..sorry I missed this one..

  3. You are like a ray of sunshine to us every time you come and visit our blog, so you didn't miss this one. You are this one!

    Thank you to you and all the regular visitors. We really appreciate you stopping by and joining in.


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