15 May 2008

The annoyances of making things.

Lynne currently isn't a happy bunny.

Her sewing machine downstairs outright refuses to work on a piece of waterproofed fleece she bought to make blankets out of. The problem is, that not only is the machine seemingly incapable of pulling the fabric through smoothly, but the needles keep snapping due to the thickness of the fabric and it's tough, waterproof membrane (it's doubled over as she is hemming the edges). So thus far, she, well - the machine, has snapped 3 three needles and has only finished one blanket. She has more needles, but she refuses to "waste any more flippin' needles on this *beep* *beep* *beep* material". I don't blame her as the only place we can get needles from (the seamstress and haberdashery supplies shop) is a 40 minute bus ride away, and given that the bus service around here is so rubbish, it's about a 3 hour round trip.

Everyone knows the saying "A good workman never blames his tools", but she isn't blaming the machine or the needles, but in this case, it is the needles fault, they simply aren't up to the task. Unfortunately, we don't know where to buy titanium alloy needles that could punch through rhino skin, so we are stuck with the good old steel ones. I would offer to stitch them all up for her, but I'm a man, and thus my sewing resembles a big pile of tinned spaghetti emptied all over the floor, replacing the tomato sauce with my own blood.

I'm just glad that making hula hoops requires no bits that can easily snap, or no bits that are under immense pressure. The tape can irritate me to the point of incredible annoyance when it sticks to itself, but I can just cut the stuck together bit off and carry on - I don't have to waste 5 minutes changing the needle then rethreading it all again.

What bit annoys you the most about the items you make? What's the one thing that if it happens, makes your blood boil?

If you are already at that point of wanting to break something and go and cry in the corner, here is a picture to cheer you up!


  1. This photo made my day! Thanks!
    Sandra Evertson

  2. Men can sew too! Drew is definitely the seamstress in this house ...

  3. I can not tell you how hard I laughed with your picture of the cat..I was reading your note and was very seriously thinking about how to handle your problem and then the picture came..Forget it..I lost my train of thought..I am still laughing at the cat.

  4. Something that makes me want to use words my mum taught me not to use are when the oven is out by a few degrees and you get sidetracked for 1 second because waiting for the buzzer always makes your eyes glaze over and just as you turn back to look, everything has turned black and now I have hours of fiddly, tedious, havent I just done this, sculpeys to remake....


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