22 May 2008

Foggy Grey Matter

I'm meant to be making things, but instead I'm laying on the bed with Jon's head on my stomach as he sleeps. It's making it quite hard to reach the laptop balanced on my legs. Add to that brain fog that is making it hard for me to think of anything to blog about today and I'm guessing this is going to be a short entry.

I should be drawing out a pattern for some little summer crop tops, but it's all too much thinking and planning involved to get the darts in the right place and making sure there is enough space inside them for all the different boobie sizes they need to fit. I also need to think about designing a hula hoop clothes range. Ages ago I approached a few skilled designers to collaborate with me on the job, but it's been so long since I initiated the conversations that I'm sure most of them will have given me up as a lost cause. I guess what I am really looking for is a skilled pattern maker. I can cut and make basic patterns for tops and maybe skirts but I have no experience of skilled pattern drawing and cutting. I have many ideas in my head as to what I want the clothes to end up looking like, but I can't translate that into patterns. I also don't have the energy to sketch out the designs and send them to someone.

I need a body transplant! I wonder if there is a black market in full bodies as well as just body organs? I'd have a really hard time choosing another body anyway. Would you know what to pick? I guess I'd go for the most healthy looking one, but that's no guarantee that it would all work fine...Also how would I feel looking through someone else's eyes or looking completely different. Heaven forbid I end up with big boobs, or a mans body! ... hmmm maybe this body transplant malarkey is more complex than just the science of being able to do the operation.

I'm just rambling now aren't I. I guess it's time to sign off and let you know tomorrow I'll try and write a better article tomorrow.


  1. I enjoyed your blog..Must be hard to make patterns..

  2. lol, i liked your rambling!
    i definantly wouldn't want a body transplant, i'm way too attached to mine :)

  3. Well your ramblings have me thinking of new body parts now...hmmm...what would I choose?

    Hope the brain fog soon clears!


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