23 May 2008

Orange Challenge Round Up

The challenge topic this week was Orange and as orange is one of my favourite colours I felt sure I would be coming up with a bevy of items to share. Most of this week however has seen me stuck in bed doing very little. All the ideas I had will get made, but I'll have to share them with you at a later date. We did however get some lovely entries from some of our readers which I can share with you today.

These gorgeous flowers from Rosebud really brightened my day on Tuesday when she linked me to them on her blog. Bold and bright, they glow so beautifully in the sunshine and the contrast with the green accentuates their beauty even more.

This vibrant orange candle was made for the challenge by the fair PrincessTigerMouse. Not only is it a rich orange colour but it has zesty orange aroma to delight the senses. It's now up for sale in her etsy shop.

High Desert Diva used this pretty & cheerful orange flower fabric to great effect in her bathroom. I think it looks great and adds a splash of colour to the window. Fabulous Job!

Sarah took this beautiful sunset photograph. The way the orange blends into the blue and then fades to a more purple blue really is stunning. Nature is amazing!

This photo of Clementine, or are the mandarins was taken by Marc. Jon is downstairs cooking dinner and this picture is making me wish he would hurry up. My mouth is watering at the sight of them.

Arlia, the creator and model of the above two items is a most talented lady. The trousers and top of the first photo are made from material she dyed herself with home made natural plant dyes. The second is crochet and sewn from sari silk. Check out her Etys shop for more beautiful goodies.

We have so far had no pictures of orange bums, despite a few people threatening to send some in... although you never know what the weekend will bring. Have a fabulous time, whatever you are up to. It's the spring bank holiday weekend here in the UK so Yipppeeeeee 3 days off for all the workers.

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  1. have a great weekend..and thanks for having such a fun blog..
    Hope you are feeling well..


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