7 May 2008

All Fingers and Thumbs

Today is going to be a quickie because I'm so tired after making and taping 5 hoops, all I want to do is lay down. With hands in mind I went in search if some goodies to do with the weeks topic and these are what I found...

Dianne Iyisan painted this large oil on canvas study of a hand. I have to admit hands are my arch nemesis when it comes to drawing/painting. Mine always come out looking a little odd so I'm always impressed by people that paint them well. This painting is fabulous!

These beautifully crafted fingerless gloves got picked because of the colours. I love the rainbow stripes and the cable pattern. Jane of Ladies They Talk About is quite obviously skilled with the knitting needles.

Thumb wrestling is something that Jon and I often do, usually to decide who does the washing up after dinner. Alisha Gould's t-shirt looks to me to have one male and one female hand on it so maybe she has been watching us in our kitchen heehee.

Right I'm off to have a lay down before making some dinner. Have a fabulous day all!

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