19 May 2008

The Orange Challenge

This week I wasn't sure what to use as the challenge word, so I said to Jon "Tell me the first word that comes into your head" and he said "Bum". Pffft Men! Typical! So next I asked him "Tell me the first word that comes into your head that's not bum". The word was "orange", hence the challenge this week. I wish I could tell you that we had a more scientific way of coming up with the weekly challenges, but I'd be a lair if I did.

Go forth and create on theme of "orange" and come back here to share with us all what you come up with. You can either send me your item via Etsy conversations or put a link in the comments on this blog post to what you have made/written/photographed/seen. For all the UKHippy crew that want to enter you can put yours on the thread in the Creative Forum and I'll stop by and pick them up. All entries will get full credit with a link back to any website/shop you might have.


  1. Orange is good. Orange bum is better. Saw an av in the forums last night that would have qualified for that.

    Let me see if I can get my creativity back with this one...

  2. Oh Lord, here I go again..I will succeed this week..I have the mind working right now..Will keep you posted.

  3. orange is a great theme but bum would have been a riot! men/boys are too funny sometimes

  4. I did it..What great pictures you have..The yarn is a beautiful orange..and the fruit is great..I am not good with the camera..but you have to give me "E" for effort..
    Thanks for a fun blog...


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