6 May 2008

Glorious Sunshine, Bluebells and Buzzy Bees!

Today is so sunny! I'm loving the brightness and the blue skies. It really lifts the spirits. I've been sitting outside watching the bees buzzing around our patch of bluebells. It really feels like summer is nearly here. I managed to catch one of the bees in a photograph as it was sipping at the nectar of one of the bluebells.

As you can see we have a few mutant bluebells in the mix. Some have come up white and a few are even lilac coloured (not in the photo). I'm guessing they are still called bluebells though even though the colours are a bit wrong.

Cutecumber made these lovely bee ponytail holders with bee buttons as decoration. I could do with these, because my hair is getting so long and needs tying back off my face so I can see what I'm doing. Such a lovely green colour too.

Our bluebell patch is nowhere as big as the stunningly gorgeous woodland, captured in this photograph by Fancy That Photography. I love when the floor of woodlands are carpeted in these pretty flowers. They transform the atmosphere not only with their rich colour but the beautiful scent too.

This pretty print from Constant Dreamer is cute beyond words. I'm loving the textured feel of the background and the swarm of friendly looking bees. Although I think the bees are too late for the nectar from that flower as it seems to have gone to seed already.

Here is another print with a cuteness overload factor. I've fallen in love with the owls in Stephanie Fizers limited edition print. Their little heart shaped faces and spotty markings are just so adorable!

Beth Millner's bee pendant in sterling silver is so pretty. It reminds me a little of an old silver honey spoon I used to own. It had a hive shaped spoon bowl and a disc at the top that had a bee stamped into it. I wonder where that got to?

I love the Spring. It tempts you with beautiful offerings of daffodils and bluebells and it reminds you of all the gorgeous summer months to come. I hope the sun is shining with you and that you have lots of happy bees going about their business pollinating the early summer flowers.


  1. Fabulous items...thank you for sharing! I really love the owl print and the bee pendant.

  2. mmmm...love that woodland photograph

  3. oh my, that photo of the bluebells is simply jawdropping. so beautiful and most inspiring!~

  4. The bluebells are beautiful..great job on getting the bee in there.
    I can't get over the woodland. What a picture..Prints/necklace are lovely.

  5. Thanks for including my necklace in your blog post! I am honored to be with such a lovely collection of things!


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