12 May 2008

Sunshine Challenge

Due to all the lovely weather we have been having here in South Wales this weeks word for the challenge is 'Sunshine'. It's been so fantastic being able to just potter about outside in the sun. Yesterday I even managed to hula hoop for 15 mins. The first time in ages. I did have to come indoors afterwards and have a lay down, but hey it's better than nothing, right?

One of my beautiful nieces hooping in the sunshine last summer.

If you want to join in the challenge this week all you have to do is share with us something inspired by the word sunshine. You can either send me you item via Etsy conversations or put a link in the comments on this blog post to what you have made/written/photographed/seen. All entries will get full credit with a link back to any website/shop you might have. It's all just for fun so let your imagination run wild.


  1. I never could get that hoop to go..wouldn't dare try it now..probably throw a hip out of joint..will be looking for something sunshine..

  2. i have always wanted to be able to hoola hoop. never quite got the hang of it.


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