28 May 2008

Quick update on last weeks Challenge

Last week just after posting the update I was shown this next entry, that I did mean to add to the post, but forgot. Naughty me! Anyway here is Hedgewitch's entry for the Orange Challenge.

Hedgewitch titled the photo "My Orange Evil Eyed Cat" and from this picture you would believe the title completely, but as the photo below confirms she really has one of the cutest, butter wouldn't melt, cats you ever did see!

I think I might suffer a cuteness overload if I look at this picture any longer, so I'm off for now to go and help Jon screw some new seats into the van. Have a fun day all!


  1. The eye picture is a bit startling...but look how cute the kitty looks in the sink

  2. Have to admit that eye shot was different..but what a cute cat.
    Had a good picture of orange.

  3. Aww! Your kitty is SO cute! My calico has a cute streak down her nose too...I think it makes her look like she just crawled out of the fireplace or something. haha!
    Thanks for featuring my "BiFF!" necklace...I really appreciate it! :)


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