28 May 2008

The joys of JAM!

Today, Lynne once again asked me for a word on what we could blog about. After ten minutes of her telling me that we can't do "bums", I finally gave in an said "jam" (I think I might be getting hungry!). So it is with great delight, a rumbling tummy and a mouth full of drool, I bring you JAM! Oh, and for the Americans amongst us, to avoid any possible confusion, jam = jelly.

The first delicious item is made by the hands of easyaspiefilling - how awesome is the packaging? As you can see its an apple, raspberry and walnut mixture, hopefully with little chunks of each! I estimate that that jam would go best on... bagels!

Made by Mermaidsparkle - OH WOW! Its a felt version of a "peanut butter and jelly" sandwich! Im constantly amazed by the talents and creativity of the felters on Etsy, and this is no exception. I just think the simple act of making a replica sandwich out of felt is a great, fun idea!

Made by Edysedibles - Paddington bear loves marmalade sandwiches, and so do I! This orange marmalade is a great reminder for me of my childhood. My dad used to make himself marmalade on toast, and I can guarantee that either my sister or I would steal it, whilst the other distracted him from it! I hope this marmalade tastes like the scrummy marmalade I remember! I think this would go best on.... yep, you guessed it, stolen toast!

Made by Jamitall - This is one of my favourite pictures of a product on Etsy. I love the green and red colours together. These scrummy jams contain fruits bought locally at the local farmers market, and they also contain champagne, so please don't down an entire jar of it for breakfast, then take the kids out in the car on the school run! Don't jam and drive!

Panspantry made these beautiful honeysuckle jams. One of my mum's favourite ever flavours is honeysuckle, I might have to buy her a pot or fifteen! I hope they taste as good as the jars look! Should I be embarrassed that I *really* like the look of the lids...?


  1. Thanks for including my Pan's Pantry Honeysuckle Jelly/Jam. I am honored to be in such good company.

  2. I've tasted the stuff from JamItAll; it's completely amazing and addictive. Glad to see it up here!


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