17 May 2008

Sunshine challenge round up.

We have had fewer entries than normal this week and I'm guessing that's due to the lovely sunshine making people want to go outside and have fun, which is fabulous. I do have a few photo entries to share with you that show off the effects of sunshine.

Princesstigermouse dyed her hair with henna this week and took this photo of the sunlight shining on her new rich red coloured locks. You've made me want to dye my hair red now PTM.

The 2 pictures above are from Sarah, showing her day trip to the beach with her son. I love the colours of the sky in the beach photo. That son of yours has the most innocent face and sweet smile. I bet he gets up to mischief. The innocent looking ones are always the ones secretly putting worms in your shoes.

I'd like to share this song with you. Now I have no idea why or what it is about this song that makes me feel warm and smiley inside but it does. When The Polyphonic Spree's first album came out and people kept raving about it, I thought they were crazy, a large choir of people in white robes wasn't really my idea of good music, but then I decided to sit and listen to it and see what they were all raving about and I have to admit it has some strange feel good quality to it and you just can't help but smile when you hear the songs. I quite often put the CD in the player when I'm feeling a bit washed out and low. It gives me the same kind of buzz that African tribal music gives me. I guess it just speaks to my inner rhythm.

Have a fabulous weekend all!


  1. We went from 55 degree last weekend to 95 this weekend.

    A little too much sun for me, suddenly. Oy

  2. Beautiful pictures..Every morning it is chill here and have to have the heat on.
    I want you to know, for an "old coot"
    I really enjoyed the music..
    Hope you are feeling better..


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