17 May 2008

Oooooooo some late runners and racers!

We have a couple of late entries to the sunshine challenge from Nutty Jo and Princesstigermouse.

Nutty Jo penned this haiku...

Sunlight on my skin
Makes me feel alive again
Wakes me from my sleep

Which led PTM to write...

Golden orb dripping
Tiny sparks of life and hope
Into my dark palm.


  1. Pretty haiku.

    I'm glad you're in favour of donating stem cells etc. But nobody wants anything from my body either.

    I hope everything is well with you. Oh, and Jon's comment the other day just made my day!

  2. Jon says he would like your toenail clippings...

    I'm slightly worried now...

  3. i cant help but feel that iv just walked into some awkward silence, lol


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