27 May 2008


I stupidly asked Jon for an idea of what to blog about today, and true to form he said "Pants!" Now being English he means underwear and not trousers. I was going to just laugh and think of something else, but after doing a small search I came up with a whole bunch of pants, that I'm sure are not quite what Jon was hoping for... heehee

Kukubita has made this homage to the Y-Front underpants in this bag. The orange on turquoise is very 60/70's in style. I think it's funky and fun! There are other coloured pant bags in the shop along with some beautiful bracelets.

This button badge from McYarnPants is one of a set of 3 made from an underwear ad from the 1950's. It just made me giggle the way his vest is tucked into those Y-Fronts. Classic! I love the name of the shop too.

Here for you jewellery lovers (so you don't feel left out) is the sterling silver Y-Front pendant so you too can show of your love of the most un-sexy form of underwear ever to be created. Ball & Chain has done a great job of recreating them in fret work.

More badges, but made in felt this time. This rainbow of colour choices comes from Ding Dong Designs. My personal favourite of the ones in the photo are the Purple with the pink trim. Check out Ding Dong's shop for more fun items. I'm loving Bert and Ernie.

So you have just had a baby and you need to let your friends and family know that it's a boy. Swoon antiques has just the thing for you. This card says it all without really needing the text inside. It's a great change from some of the baby blue soppy cards out there. I'm loving it!

I've saved my favourite find of the day until last. How do you become a super hero? Well Kitchy-coo Art answers that question perfectly in this brilliant picture. All you have to do is put on a cape and wear your underwear outside of your trousers! Simple as. Fabulous art works in your shop Kitchy-coo. I'm liking your style very much.

Thanks to all of you talented people. You have given me a giggle and make my day a whole lot brighter. Keep making the Y-Front goodies. I'm loving them all!


  1. Love the McYarn pants badge!

  2. What a cute blog..I have to admit, I didn't think there were that many shops with underpants..Shows you what I know..

  3. I love that underpants bag! Its a great idea :D
    I got a few odd looks when I first moved here when I would say I needed to get some pants to wear outside :p

  4. Ding Dong Designs is an awesome shop name!

  5. Kitschy Coo's "My Hero" is actually part of a larger online art exhibit dedicated to all-things Underwear. You can come vote (through June 7) for your favourite or chipin toward the kitty for the winner.



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