30 May 2008

Round up Time

Wow, it's already Friday. I swear someone is fast forwarding the clock. This weeks Challenge word was 'self' and it seems to have got people thinking. I've had a fair few people say they are working on it and quite a few people show me their entries already. So here are the entries I already have...

This first entry is from Beth. I met Beth through being a poi spinner. She is a really talented lady and has a heart of gold. A nicer person you couldn't hope to meet. For the last 300 days she has been participating in the Flickr 365 challenge and this is a collage of all the self portraits she has taken over that time. I find it amazing just how much Beth has changed in that time. She always has been stunningly beautiful but in the later photos she appears to have a radiant glow about her.

Both the above pictures were drawn by PrincessTigerMouse to represent herself. Both pictures, to me, have a serenity about them, a calmness and feeling of worth . The first one also shows openness in the pose, so although I do not know PrincessTigerMouse all that well I get the impression from her pictures that she is at ease with herself and a fairly happy person.

Nutty Jo (as she titles herself) looked at the challenge in a different way and took the challenge word and used the letters of it to describe herself. This is what she came up with.

S seldomly sensible, slightly silly, sometimes serious, sociable,sentimental & sorrowful
E easily excitable, endlessly embarrassed, earthy, eccentric, efficient,
emotional & eclectic

L largely likeable, loving, listless, lost, liberal & lavish
F forever fearful, facetious, forgetful, folksy, free-thinking, fun-loving
& fair-minded

If you have any entries that you wish to share with the readers please let me know and I'll add them. Thanks to everyone that has already shared their view of self with us and to all those still working on them just let me know when they are done and I'll add them to the blog. You people constantly amaze me with your talents!


  1. What great pictures and description of Self..I couldn't seem to get my act together this week..
    When I thought of "self", I was going
    so many directions, you would have banned me from your blog..
    Your blog is always fun..and a good read, thanks..


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