9 May 2008

Stars, wizards and hand warmers

So it's Friday and a good day to put up some of the entries to the weeks challenge. So Hands was the topic and we have had a lot of people join in this week. Thanks to everyone that put effort and time into joining in! I know how busy your lives get so it really makes me smile lots to think that you are inspired enough to take time out of your schedules to join in.

I actually made time this week between making hoops (pictured in the background) to make my wizard Frank the finger puppet. I'll be honest, he isn't entirely finished. If I take his hat off he is bald and in need of some hair. He also needs a wand and maybe a cape.

Errol the Velociraptor seems to think Frank is dinner, but I'm sure with all his magic powers Frank will be able to get away! So, now onto some of the infinitely better entries than mine.

The lovely PrincessTigerMouse entered these pictures of her hand with her impressions of what her hand means to her written on it.
She also created these recycled fabric hand and arm warmers. A very talented lady, I'm sure you will agree.

This picture was taken by StarPixie who I have known for sometime. She is someone I much admire and love. For such a petite lady she is packed full of talent and beauty. You can see more of her gorgeous photos on her flickr account.

This is a picture of a mothers hand on an unborn child. The mother in question is the lovely Sarah. She already has one son, so this will be her second child. Hello little belly bump!Grow strong and healthy little one.

Rosebud has also posted on her blog 3 gorgeous photos that speak volumes about the things that are most important in her life. Rosebud, thank you for joining in each week! I appreciate your support.

We also have another blog entry from the most fabulous Mithi. I met Mithi through going to Home of Poi gatherings. Again she is a petite lady packed full of talent and beauty. Take a look at her blog and see just how talented she is. My personal favourite item on her blog of late is the pirate ship. Although it's hard to choose with so many fabulous artworks to pick from.

Thank you all so much for joining in!


  1. What wonderful pictures..beautiful..
    Thank you for starting something that can be so meaningful..

  2. Uuuu.... lovely ... Thanks for the mention, and all the links to all the other gorgeousness out there ... :)

    Glass says "hello" _wave wave_ ;)


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