1 Apr 2009

The gift drawer

When I imagine being completely grown up, and totally organized I think about my imaginary gift drawer. This will (hopefully) be a drawer full of wonderful gifts, suitable for a wide range of friends and family. If I ever forget someone’s birthday, or special event I can turn to my drawer of handmade pressies and find something lovely (not that I will, because I’ll be totally organized). I’d stock up this draw from lovely Etsy and Folksy sellers, as well as craft fairs.

I’ve chosen some great gift items from Folksy, for when that day of ultimate organization comes!

First up is a lovely double sided beech photo frame is made by Chris Dodsworth Designs. It’s pretty much a perfect gift for anyone! It also allows you to store photos with it, so you don’t have to scrabble around for a new photo, each time you want a change.

The present box will definitely also contain a large number of cards, for all occasions. I already have a box with spare cards, but most them I don’t really like! These beautiful cards from Fleshie, are just right – they’re colourful, unique and flexible as they have been left blank inside. They come in packs of five, great for stocking up!

Even though I make purses myself, I can’t help but be tempted by other peoples, especially this gorgeous woollen pouch, Materialised. If I could bear to give it away, then it would make one of my girly friends very happy indeed (if they weren’t already inundated with handmade purses). It’s even made from recycled felt sweaters, so great eco-friendly gift.

I love notebooks, they are so handy! I seem to have a collection of these too, but none quite as stylish as Pumpkin Sputnik’s pale blue pine notebook.
This subtle pine design gives the pamphlet style notebook a touch of glamour, making it a perfect present for the more sophisticated friend.

These keyrings from Picciolo would make great little pressies, on there own or to add an extra unique element to a bigger present. They are felt double sided keyrings, with piccolo’s unique design and complementary fabric.

I wonder how many other people are organised enough to have a proper pressy draw… I’m sure there are some of you out there!

Written by Rose of FeltGiraffe
You will be able to see Rose's handmade beautiful purses in person at Handm@de Cambridge this weekend.


  1. What a lovely choice! Well done to you, Rose. Am especially liking double sided beech photo frame made by Chris Dodsworth Designs.
    Good luck at Cambridge!

  2. Lots of lovely stuff. Yum.

  3. Those keyrings at the end are wonderful! I love the fabrics, they make me very happy :)

  4. Hi Rose, thanks very much for including my keyrings, I love your other choices too, now, I must start a gift drawer!
    : )

  5. ChrisDodsworthDesign2 April 2009 at 17:26

    Thanks for including me! These are some really nice items you've found. The detail in those cards is just great. Cheers


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