13 Apr 2009

Crazy Train riders of the last week.

Over on Artfire the lovely PicardCreations started up a promotions train for us all to help each other to get people to our shops. For 2 days each person gets to be the VIP on the Crazy Train and all the rest of us twitter, bookmark, blog and in general chat about the VIP so that it generates a buzz and their shop gets more visits. Today I thought I would do a round up for the week of the people that have already journeyed on the train in the VIP carriage.

I was lucky enough to be the first VIP and it brought me a huge influx of viewers, so the Crazy Train is really working. Lots of people sung the praises of my PiratePixieCrew shop and to them I'd like to say THANK YOU!

Second was CaterpillarPeacock and her woolly goodness. This ladies shop has a plethora of hats and floral creations. I particularly like this calla lilly brooch, but her mini hats come a close 2nd.

The Jewelry Shop was the 3rd to be featured and as the name suggests the shop is full of gorgeous jewellery. This abalone and silver bracelet is a perfect example of her lovely work.

PicardCreative's shop is one that will make you giggle. Her collage magnets are fun and funky. They would cheer up the front of any refrigerator. Hairspray (the original movie) with Divine in, is one of my favourite.

Alisuns shop has page after page of beautiful jewellery. I love turquoise so chose this necklace to share with you today. The shell beads give a lovely contrast colour that accentuates the turquoise.

Today is the first day of AccessoriesByGottjoy VIP journey. She creates stunningly beautiful items with lampwork beads and makes a whole range of jewellery with other beads. Check out her shop. There is a huge variety of goods there.

So if you are trying to get more traffic to your shop, get together with a group of like minded people and set up your own Crazy train or join in with Picard's one. It really does gain you lots of exposure and it helps you to make friends with fellow sellers.

Written by Lynne of PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops


  1. What a great idea. Love the round up. And I can't wait until I get to be at the head of the train.

  2. what a great idea! Shame I missed the train:(

  3. ali bali, never too late. Go to the thread and sign up

    Very good idea! Give the captain my thanks!

  4. Gottjoy has some beautiful items. This one is my favourite though.


  5. Just finished my blog post for Gottjoy!


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