6 Apr 2009

Monthly Creative Challenge:- April

APRIL'S TOPIC = Favourite Food

So it's the first Monday of the month and it's the monthly creative challenge setting day. We'd like to invited you all to join in and create something that reflects that topic. You can knit, sew, crochet, weave, photograph, paint, video, compose, interpretive dance, write... pretty much anything creative within that topic. All we are trying to do is encourage people that don't get much chance to be creative to get into making things and for those that are already very creative to try something different, or utilise the crafts they already use in a different way.

Once you have created your piece, you can photograph or video it and you can add it to our new challenge flickr group. There is a link to this group at the top of the blog so you can easily access it to keep up with what has been made. Remember to put "April Challenge" somewhere in the title when you load it to the group. If you are not a member of Flickr and would like to load your entry somewhere else you can link to it from the feedback on this blog post. There will be regular updates of what people have made throughout the month here on the blog, so keep checking back and show the creators some love. Last months items will be linked below.

I will start a new thread in the Flickr group for people to comment on the items they like and chat about how they made their piece and give each other hints and tips on the craft they used. Even if you don't have time to create anything it would be lovely if you could give the people that have some feedback.

March Round Up.

Jo Rhymes- Bear, Rocking Angels, and Princess and Unicorn Friend.
Lucy Jackson- Tote bag and Phone Sock.
PaperStreet Collage Art - New Blossom of me.
Catching Apples- Copper moss, and Leather brooches.
Magic Markings Art- Easter chick.
Meekiyu- Garden Lowres.
PrincessTigerMouse- one dreadlock, and new skirt.
Lilly Bug- Leo bunny, and Easter chicks.

Thank you to you all for joining in. It was great to see all your beautiful creations and read the background behind the making of them.

So come on everyone, join in the fun for April and show us your creations in the theme of Favourite Food.

Written by Lynne of PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops


  1. Oh boy!!! My favorite food, wow, which to choose....

  2. Favorite food yummm I can't wait to see the entries!

  3. Wow! Foodshots! A challenging subject... It's now a battle of taste!


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