30 Apr 2009

Coriandr Finds

Whilst sorting out a few things in my Coriandr shop I had a bit of a look around and found some really great goods to share with you all on this yucky rainy Thursday morning. Coriandr is a UK based site that has an international group of artisans selling their handmade goods and supplies. If you haven't checked it out yet I'd urge to go and take a look because it is a really nicely laid out site. Simple, clean looking and easy to navigate. It makes shopping for handmade goods a breeze. From the other side of the coin, as a seller, I really like the one page listing process and the simplicity of getting your goods into a very easy to use shop.

I love these earrings from Cee Gee Jewellery. Something about the beads makes me think of sea urchins. I love being by the sea, the smell, the sounds and the feeling of the wind coming off the water just make me feel glad to be alive. How great to have a reminder of that feeling in a simple, stylish pair of earrings.

Creativesque works with card, paper, paints, and inks to make beautiful tags and bookmarks, like this blue floral one. Most people think of tags just as something to tie to a gift with the name of the person the gift is for on it, but I like to use tags for all sorts of things. My memory is so bad that tagging things with messages to myself is a great aide-mémoire.

It is a sort of tradition in my family to wrap gifts in newspaper or recycled paper as we all have a bit of a dislike of the waste that gift wrap represents. I have now found a fantastic alternative in myfuroshiki shop. These fantastic fabric wrappers are not only beautiful, but they can be used again and again. Such a brilliant idea!

I've seen Snapdragon Beads work being featured in a few places on-line and usually that would lead me to pick someone else's work to share, but this green, cream and gold pendant is just so gorgeous I couldn't resist having a photo of it on Autonomous Artisans.

All weekend Jon and I have had a house full of our lovable friends and yesterday the last of them left, so our house now feels very empty and I'm rattling around in it all day waiting for Jon to come home from work. This canvas from Strawberry Magpie made me remember just how much home sweet home is more about people rather than a building. I love our little house, but to get a feeling of true home has more to do with who I'm with in this building rather than the 4 walls themselves.

Take a look at Coriandr and see what you can find. I bet you that you will find something you adore.

Written by Lynne of PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops


  1. Great finds (as always!) Lynne :)

  2. All beautiful finds. You're right about home, I love our house, but if we all ended up living in a cardboard box, just me, A & the 3 mice I'd be just as happy too x

  3. beautiful items! I love that blue gift tag/bookmark

  4. I haven't checked out coriandr, I'll have to now :)

    BTW, this blog has been given an award on one of my blogs. http://blogfireguild.blogspot.com


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