4 Apr 2009

Artfire's Crazy Train

Yesterday was the start of the Artfire Crazy Train promotions. This was set up by the ever so lovely Paula of Picard Creative. Basically what it comes down to is lots of people sign up to be on the train and then each person is scheduled to be in the VIP carriage of the train for 2 days. For those two days the rest of the people on the train check out the VIP's shop and pick out items to show to the rest of the world, by blogging, twittering, plurking, email... anyway they can think of really. Well I was Lucky enough to be the first person in the VIP Lounge. So Yesterday I woke up and logged on to the net and found all my shop contents being talked about all over the place. It was fabulous! I felt like a superstar!

The thing that most touched me though was this. Everyday on the Artfire fora there is a thread started for people to post their "Item of the day" and to my surprise so many people instead of picking thier own goods to show off they picked mine. This kind but simple act almost made me cry. Silly really, to consider of all the things people did to promote me yesterday, that one should affect me the most. I guess it's because I wasn't expecting it. So in honor of those people picking my goods to show off yesterday I'm going to put an item of each of theirs on todays blog. Please click on the photos and take a look around their studios. They all have some many gorgeous items for you to buy.

Thank you all for promoting my work. To everyone that spent time twittering, blogging, plurking, bookmarking, networking, singing from the roof tops, emailing, dancing in the street or any other kind of promotion about my shop, I would like to send you all a giant squishy hug.

You are all amazing!

Written by Lynne of the PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops


  1. aww :) I ran across several of these shops doing the easter egg hunt - such great things out there!

  2. I love Jewlery By Janzia- Her items are wonderful and equisitely made.


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