22 Apr 2009

From yummy seeds...

This morning I logged onto Artfire and the first thing I saw on the front page was a giant sunflower. The bright orange colours made me smile a huge wide grin. Is there a happier, more heart lifting flower than a sunflower? I know they are big and brash, but for all that vibrant, in your face colour and size don't they just make you feel all summery and warm inside every time you see them? Add to that they have very yummy seeds to eat as Autumn arrives and I have to say I love you Sunflowers!

Deb Moran's photograph captures beautifully what I mean about sunflowers, their bright orange glow and their warm smiley face. I also love the reflection below the flower in the photo. It somehow shows the fragility of the flower and reminds us to enjoy it whilst it lasts as soon it will fade and be gone.

This sunflower from Anna Clifton Jewellery is just so beautiful, you would never realise it's petals was made from recycled aluminium cans would you? The patterned centre is sterling silver which contrasts beautifully with the delicate looking bronze like petals. Beautiful!

These beautiful baby ballet slipper from Pink Angel Wings Creations are just so adorable. Imagine a baby girl in a bright yellow dress wearing these little shoes and a pretty sunflower print summer hat. She'd look like a little princess fit to visit the Queen.

Kitty Linnington Art's sunflower card just shouts out "Yippee for the sunshine, long summer days and vibrant colours!" Do you know someone that's feeling a little bit down, or is having a hard time? Imagine the smile on their face if this card dropped though their letterbox with a personalised message from you written inside. Go on, send someone a smile in an envelope!

I have to be honest, I don't think I would want to poke pins into Sew Lucky Embroidery's pincushion, purely because it would obscure the beautifully embroidered sunflower. I guess I could put the pins in the back of the cushion. This little cushion would definitely make pinning those sewing patterns a much more jolly task.

So Sunflowers really are like balls of summer and joy to me. I hope you feel the same way about them and that today's article has given you a warm glow!

Written by Lynne of PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops


  1. Love the ballet slippers!!

  2. Thanks for posting...have a great Earth day!

  3. ahh so cute! I love sunflowers too and sunflower seeds! The picks for today are so sunny makes me wish I could be outside. =)

  4. love the slippers and the pin cushion, well done


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