8 Apr 2009

Fabulous Flickr

Lots of lovely items have been appearing on our Flickr group lately and I've been a bit lax in not showing any of them to our blog readers that don't go over to Flickr all that regularly. I would encourage you if you have a little time to go over there and check out all the great photos. So many talented people sharing their work, it's really worth a look.

Catfluff makes the most beautiful reusable shopping bags. No more plastic bags will ever be needed if we were all to use fabric bags like the ones above. Imagine just how much less plastic waste there would be if we all did that one simple thing.

Carol King's art is so textural and colourful, I adore it. This Collagraph print covered book would be a joy to own and use. Check out her website to see her stunning art works. One very talented lady!

This medieval knight made me think of Terry Pratchet Disc World Novels. Creative Critters has the ability to put so much character into a lump of clay. You can almost hear this one speak. His eyebrows are just fantastic!

Fibrespace creates so many beautiful items and all from the fibre taken from a sheep's back. The above flower looks so delicate and pretty. I think a drip of your favourite floral essential oil on the back of this brooch is the only thing that could enhance the wearing of it.

Did you think that cross stitch and embroidery were for the faint hearted? Mooosh-Meso Funky proves that you would have thought wrong. Her work is wickedly witty, decorative and could never be accused of being faint hearted.

If you are not a member of the Flickr group yet, we would love to see you join and share, with the rest of us, your arts and crafts there. You can also make friends and chat in the group discussion section. You can get a free flickr account if you don't have one. Come and join in the fun.

Written by Lynne of Hyperloop Hoops and PiratePixieCrew

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