28 Apr 2009

Orange is rad!

Errr hello!

This is Flynt, Lynne's visitor from Australia.

Today we went up to the Castle at Trapp, and there was LOTS of lovely greens and browns and greys (grass, stones, sky) so as a contrast I thought it'd be nice to have some lovely citrus colours as today's top five.

This is some scrummy handspun from an Aussie website made by Hand-crafted Gift. I simply adore handspun as its what I do back home for fun!! this one looks almost edible.

And a pretty sterling citrine and carnelian ring made by Ali Bali Jewellery. This would make a lovely noise while you were wearing it!

Some delicious hand made soap from the Savannah Soap Kitchen I bet it smells amazing! Orange Zest and cinnamon for feeling zingy!

Next up, who doesn't love a cute clutch? This sprightly offering comes from Daisy Hill Design. Good for keeping your pennies in!

And finally, I love Lilley's polymer clay button and think they would look rad on a sock puppet or a hand knitted neck wrap! Yum!

Anyhoo. hope its sunny and spring where you are!



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