23 Apr 2009

More Crazy Train Passengers

On Artfire right now there is a promotion campaign going on called the Crazy Train. The basic idea is that everyone that signs up gets to be a V.I.P. rider on the train for 2 days and in those 2 days all the other riders check out that persons shop and show off to the world through blog writing, networking sites, bookmark sites, email... well any which way they can the goods of the VIP rider. It is aimed at not only getting people to view the V.I.P.'s shop but also to take a look around Artfire and get to know the site a little bit more. Here are a few of the latest V.I.P.'s to be on the train.

3zArt creates switch plates and mouse mats in colourful designs for use around the home. The one above is a single switch giraffe print in orange. Great for a safari themed childs bedroom.

djstoreroom has a mixture of items, from decorated pegs to pretty handmade purses like the one pictured above. This close up shows clearly the attention to detail put into her work.

Shine Your Hiney Soap does exactly as the name suggests. She makes soaps and this cute little oatmeal raisin cookie sheep shaped soap looks like a fun bath time friend.

Silver River Jewelry has a shop full of varied styles of jewellery. The one above attracted me to feature it because of the distressed metal and the colours that process has created.

Creative Cove Jewelry Designs has lots of pretty beads in her shop. This pink mix of Agate and Adventurine on copper is an example of her eye catching work.

Wooley Creek creates tribal and ethnic jewellery. These lovely blue heart Cabachon earrings are such a vivid turquoise colour, are so fashionable right now. Get a pair and wear them with all the turquoise spring clothing on sale.

Being a V.I.P. Crazy Train passenger is so much fun. I was lucky enough to be the first passenger and you get to feel like royalty for the 2 days. So go and make these people feel special by visiting their shops.

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