10 Apr 2009

Peacock Burlesque

Today I thought we could be a bit risqué and feature some beautiful burlesque items, so this is a warning for those that don't like the style or maybe offended by nudity now might be the day not to read the blog. But for those of you that aren't I've picked out lots of gorgeous items on the theme of peacock feathers.

Gothfox Designs' shop is a delight to view. The pages are full of saucy sassy pasties. I love the colours and splendour of this photograph. Peep toe shoes, whale net tights and a headdress to swoon for! Very sexy.

Here we have a beautiful teal mini top hat from Horatios Hattery. I love the way it sits on the models head. It adds height and elegance. Stunningly beautiful!

Now Burlesque is all about being big, bold and teasing. These false eyelashes from Get Eye Bling are perfect for fluttering your beautifully made up lids and drawing attention to yourself.

I'm a big fan of Gypsy Lady Hats' goods. I have my eye one one of her canvas corset hat. This one is also very fetching and would set of a full corseted, bustle skirted out fit off to a T!

Every Burlesque outfit needs a bit of neck bling and this feathered delight from Guilded Cage Designs is just the job. The ribbon choker has sequins that will twinkle in the light.

Hats not your style? Then how about this spectacular fascinator from Boring Sidney. Again it will add height, drama and glamour to your outfit. I'm loving the earrings too!

So this is my mini selection of burlesque items. I could have shown you so many more but I guess I better limit myself a bit. Sexy, sassy, fun filled glamour! I love it. For me Burlesque has less to do with the actual striping and more with the fact it celebrates the beauty of the female form in all shapes and sizes and I think in a media filled World of stick thin, sickly looking models, we need a bit of burlesque to counterbalance that crazy trend. Tall, short, curvy or willowy all shapes have thier beauty, so lets celebrate them all!

Written by Lynne of PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops.


  1. gorgeous stuff - i love peacock feathers and the colour teal.

  2. Wonderful post...very different, very artful and imaginative. A refreshing breeze. Anna

  3. OH my GoSh!!! When I saw the 'peacock' burlesque in my feed I was intrigued! this is outta control I love it. I didn't even know peacock burlesque existed. So cool. The top lady is my favourite.

  4. It's funny how in the animal world the peacocks who have all the color and pizazz are the males luring in the females...in the human realm roles are reversed!

  5. Awesome use of feathers! Love it!


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