7 Apr 2009

Do you think he saurus?

Dinosaur mania has struck me today after a very weird dream where I was waltzing with a velociraptor who was wearing a ball gown. The strangest thing about it was that I couldn't stop thinking "That dress really doesn't suit him. Now if it was green instead of red, he might have got away with it, but red is just to harsh for his skin colour". It's okay. No need to worry. None of the Dinosaurs I have picked to share with you today are wearing a dress, although some are riding a bicycles...

What little boy wouldn't love this personalised Stegosaurus banner from Blueberry Park? Or Girl? Heck, I would be thrilled to have one!

Okay, so I promised no dinosaurs in a dress. How about one in a hat? Tiny Pretty Things' cute little Diplodocus in a top hat is a very suave and gentlemanly.

Narchi created the promised Dinosaurs on bicycles. I think they are Anatotitans, but I could be wrong. Fabby buttons!

Crafty Mizz's beautiful Dino-card has caught my eye. I'd love to receive a card telling me I'm "Dino-tastic". The 2 standing under the Palm tree look like they could be dancing the do-si-do.

Now I would show you Happy Squash Toys' gorgeous wooden triceratops, but I might have to wrestle it of this little boy and that wouldn't be fair. He did find it first!

I think all today's items are Dino-tastic! All are beautifully hand crafted and all of them are great fun. Go forth and see how many other handmade Dinosaurs there are out there. Feel free to leave links to your handmade Dinosaurs in the feedback of this article. I'd love to see them all.

Written by Lynne of PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops


  1. I love the dinosaurs in the article and here is a link to mine:


  2. I had to laugh at your dress not matching his skin tone, gotta love the way our brains work when we're dreaming.

    But I LOVE the dino's you've found here, the one in the top-hat looks so charming.

  3. lol! great dream!.. i guess even dinos can make a fashion faux pas too!


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