16 Apr 2009

D.I.Y. with a little help from Coriandr Sellers

Have you seen items on the handmade sites and thought "I'd like to make one of those" or are you a person that likes to learn new skills just so you can appreciate the work that goes into items you'd like to buy? Well today's items might be right up your street. There are a lot of people out there that not only create beautiful handmade goods but they take the time to make patterns and write tutorials so that you can learn to hand make these beautiful items too. I thought I'd have a look around Coriandr to see what tutorials and patterns I could find there.

My Sweet Little designed and wrote a pattern for this gorgeous cuddly elephant. From tail to tusks this little fellow is so appealing I might have to purchase the pattern and make up a whole batch of them to use for toy drops for the Toy Society.

Have you got little tubs full of seed beads that you are unsure what to make with? The Crimson Moon can help you out with a tutorial to make these woven beads. They are so pretty and can be used for a myriad of projects. You can make them in any colour or pattern to match up with your project.

Are you dying for a cream cake but can't have one because you are dieting? How about keeping your hands busy making this knitted cream ├ęclair from Giggling Goblin? It will take your mind off wanting to eat and it will hone your knitting skills.

Covetables makes the most cwtchy cuddly plushies and dolls for sale, but she also has this kit to create one of her fabulous plushie owls. Each one that gets made is bound to look slightly different as they will have a twist in them from the person that made them. Maybe we should all make one and set up a gallery of owls to see how they all turn out.

Now if you are one of those people that has lots of creative ideas, but no time to make them, Lottie Lodge has a listing that might help you out. She is willing to make up patterns for you. Not really D.I.Y. more Rent yourself a D.I.Y. knitter to fulfil your dreams.

I love that all these creative people are so full of love for their crafts that they want to spread that joy by teaching others how to do these crafts, or so excited by their craft they want to make you just what you want. There are loads of great people out there sharing tutorials and patterns, so if you want to learn something new get searching and support these fantastic people that are eager to share their talents with you.

Written by Lynne of PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops

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  1. Just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job promoting the artisans of Artfire. This themed blog is one of the best ever! Good job.


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