27 Apr 2009


If you are anything like me you will be a moustache lover and will often stand, stare and marvel at men that have enormous handlebar moustaches. That gravity defying facial hair intrigues and astounds me. So in honour of my love of facial hair I thought I'd share some substitute 'taches with you, for all of us unable to grow our own.

Bull Fight has created these fantastic fridge magnets that allow you to not only have photos of your loved ones on the door of your fridgedaire, but you can give them a facial lift with their own hairy design. Pure genius!

Have you ever wished to make tea time more distinguished? Maid of Clay has produced just the mug for you. You can drink your morning cupper and look like a brigadier whilst doing it.

Are you a secret agent? Are you looking for that perfect disguise to where when you are sent to somewhere really cold? Jack Rabbit has the answer. This Moustached cowl will do just the job!

Molly Coddle Soap has made this 'tache soap on a stick for those emergency bathroom disguise moments. You know those moments when you are staying a hotel and room service comes in and catches you dancing naked in the shower... You can pretend you are someone else.

I am going to have to spend some money today because after finding this knitting pattern from Crafty Hedgehog I am despirate to make a frog with a mime disguise and a ballerina frog. I might have to make lots of them to use for Toy society drops.

Have a 'tachetastic day everyone. Make sure today that at some time you wear a moustache, even if it's just a bubble one in the bath tub. I now declare today to be Official Moustache Day!

Written by Lynne of PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops


  1. What a brillaint blog article!! Love the moustaches.

  2. Hooray for moustaches! I am currently wearing one of my favorite Etsy moustache finds: http://www.etsy.com/view_transaction.php?transaction_id=8842149

    The handlebar moustache bicycle tee!

  3. LOL - what fun items. I really like the magnets!

  4. Clever! I needed something to smile at today.


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