6 Jun 2009

Branding Your Business

Branding your shop should be a main focus when photographing your inventory: finding your unique signature is the best way to make your work memorable. Perhaps it is the model you use (Lynne’s adorable lamb, anyone?)

or, as in the case of Ruth from Allover Art, it is the prop she uses to display her jewelry. Ruth’s signature photos always feature a book:

(I also have to add that her photography skills are impeccable – she uses only natural light and two pieces of white illustration board behind the book for a neutral background. If you’re a new reader, please visit my earlier blog posts about the importance of photographing with natural light and using macro settings for detailed photographs.)

Ruth’s book serves two purposes: it is a functional prop which allows customers to clearly see the item they will be purchasing, and it gives her a trademark which is instantly recognizable…any time I see one of these photos, I instantly know it’s from Ruth’s shop.

Now it’s your turn! Go experiment with different props and different styles. Perhaps it’s a piece of sheet music, a favorite tea cup, a vintage typewriter…the possibilities are truly endless. Whatever your final choice, make sure your lighting is consistent, your angles are interesting, and your final product photographs firmly establish your unique business brand.

Written by Michelle of MKC Photography


  1. excellent post... never really thought of that before... hmm.... looks like I got me some brain storming to do!

  2. Great post and wonderful photos . . . much food for thought too.

  3. great post, michelle! i love finding resources like this - it is so disappointing to see talented artists miss out on recognition & sales because of poor photography.

  4. bravo - good idea - copoate identy ;), i just say!


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