23 Jun 2009

Coriandr Express Jewellers

For 6 weeks now I have been the driver of the Coriandr Express train, a group promotion by 20 sellers from the Coriandr market place site. We are hoping our little train will increase peoples awareness of the Coriandr site and of each of our shops on the site. To spread the word about the train I thought today I'd pick out some items from our Jewellers riding on the Coriandr Express to share with you. Remember to check through their shops for more pieces.

CeeGee Jewellery created this piece from a stunningly beautiful lampwork bead. The swirls, bubbles and colour combinations draw you in to look more closely. It almost looks like there is a whole other universe in this one bead.

Lej Jewellery has created a necklace with a real vintage feel to it. The cream and brown cameo is so pretty. I love the young ladies hair style. The chain which the pendant hangs on suits it perfectly and is accented with small lilac glass pearls which make it seem even more sumptuous

Sweet Treat quite obviously has a passion for beads and colour. Her shop is full of beautifully beaded items. I picked the necklace above to show you because of the blue floral cloisonne bead. The technique they use to make these enamel beads is amazing especially when you think about how tiny the bead is.

Kitty Ballistic made these beautiful blown glass beads earrings. The spirals in the glass are really attractive. I like the simplicity of them. They are so Elegant. They would look great with a very posh frock or equally so with jeans and a T-shirt.

Debbs Elliman fuses glass to make pretty pendants, brooches, buttons and cuff links. This black and gold pendant really makes great use of the contrast of the strong colours and the shine of the glass and the satin sheen of the gold. It's very striking.

If you are looking for Jewellery check out the range of handcrafted jewellery you can find on Coriandr, there is a great mixture to choose from.

Written by Lynne of PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops

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