1 Jun 2009

PIF parcels

I've picked 3 of the people that commented on my post about my dad to be the ones to receive the PIF parcels. Thank you all for commenting on the post. I hope some of you take the PIF idea and run with it anyway, because it's been great fun making up items for the parcels knowing they will brighten someone's day the way Molly brightened mine with her lovely gifts.

The 3 people chosen are:-

Ruby Spirit Designs

If each of the three of you would like to contact me and give me an address I can have the parcel delivered to I'll get them sent off to you ASAP.

Thank you!


  1. Cor blimey! Thank you! :) Sending you a gushy email right away. xx

  2. Yayy! I'm so chuffed, you've made my day! Thank you thank you thank you!


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