2 Jun 2009

Chickens needing a home. Can you help?

I have been researching keeping chickens for a while now and have decided that when I have the coop and hen house ready I will be re-homing some ex-battery hens. The problem is, right now, I'm not ready to home any chickens and I have just heard about a bit of a crisis on the chicken re-homing front in the UK. The Little Hen Rescue group have managed to get a farmer to agree to allow them to take 11,000 battery hens for re-homing, but they only have until the 29th of June to find homes for those hens. Do you keep hens? Are you in a position to take any? Please only offer if you truly can offer some hens a home for life. These hens will probably be in bad condition when you get them, but with some TLC and good housing they can flourish.

So if you are in the UK, and you can give some chickens a loving home, please do get in contact with Little Hen Rescue and help them to give these hens a second chance at a happier life.

I've found some fellow chicken lovers, who have paid an homage to the hen in their work.

Look at this stylish looking black and white hen from Sharon Montrose. What a fabulous photo of a hansom lady!

Prince Design UK made this pretty little chick clay bowl. It's just so gorgeous with it's flower eye and leaf feathers.

Tara Lewis quite obviously has spent plenty of time studying this chicken. This portrait is great! This chicken has it's eye on you.

Ahh this shy little chicken from JooJoo is hiding behind it's wings and a tree. I think a nice bowl of food and a few chicken friends would make him feel better.

Show your love for your hens by wearing this beautiful lampwork chicken around your neck. This was created by Night Owl Jewelry. Cluckingly good, don't you think!

Chickens are great creatures and they make fantastic pets. Not only do they eat all the slugs in your garden but they sometimes lay eggs too. If you have the space and the time to dedicate to some hens please, please seriously consider taking some of these battery/barn hens. They need a forever home and some love and they will flourish.

Written by Lynne of Pirate Pixie Crew and Hyperloop Hoops


  1. Chickens are good :) We don't have the room otherwise I would love to have chickens

  2. Oh, that first photo's gonna stick with me all day :-(
    I hope they find homes for them. Like you, we're hoping to have a couple of chickens (Aus- 'chooks') one day in the not too distant future. Soon as my handyman-hubby prioritises building the coop.
    Nice chicky finds!

  3. If I were in the USA I would take them for a loving home

  4. If I were in the USA I would take them for a loving home


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