16 Jun 2009

Fabulous Flickr Finds!

Today the sun is shining and calling me to go outside to hula hoop, so I thought I would bring my laptop out into the garden and show you a pick of the last crop of photos added to our Flickr group. I'm so glad I started the group as it never ceases to amaze me the standard of the items I find posted there. It makes my day seeing so many talented people work all in one spot.

Just how cute is that kitty on AnnaKLara handmade coasters. The colours and shapes of the houses on the other coaster look very 50's to me. They are great!

Forever Foxed's badges are all gorgeous, but this one of the leaping terrier is my favourite. There is something so joyful about a bounding doggie.

Scribble Art's personalised picture makes me smile so much. I am a huge fan of spiders. I think this grinning one is looking forward to a fly dinner.

Shibori Borealis' hand dyed silks are so beautiful. This one reminds me of the fire filled weekend I've had in a field in Dorset. The combination of colours is stunning.

This very simple bracelet from Beach Shack Project is so effective and stunning. I love just how natural it looks and the red sea glass is such a great find.

The Flickr group has loads of photos of fabulous goods. Go and check it out if you need a boost to your day. You are sure to find something there that makes you gasp with delight.

Well I'm off to hoop for a bit before I really get the day started with some knitting donated to me by TomatoTea. I'll tell you all about what the knitting project is all about tomorrow.


  1. Hello, thanks so much for featuring my badge, much appreciated.

    Love the other stuff too, especially the coasters...

  2. Thank you for featuring my coasters! A happy surprise when I came home from work..

  3. Better late than never! Thanks for featuring my Bugs personalised canvas - I really must keep up with my Flickr account!


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