8 Jun 2009

Knitting is cool

Knitting is becoming very fashionable right now. Everywhere you go you hear about one celeb or other taking up the craft and this makes me so happy. The more people that learn to create their own fabulous knitted creations the less mass made goods will be sold and the more people that will appreciate the value of handmade goods. Now if you are taking up knitting yippee for you. You're fantastic. I've got a few handmade goods here for you today that will make learning more fun.

This project bag from Nic's Knots is the perfect size to take your knitting projects with you when you are out and about, because once you start knitting you will want to do it all the time, on the bus, in the park, in the café whilst you wait for your pot of tea to brew... you'll be knitting everywhere you go. This bag will keep your wool clean and your needles from getting lost.

What do you need next? Knitting needles! These beautiful sparkly resin needles from PennyDog would make knitting so much fun. she has many other designs in her shop if flower ends aren't your style so go check it out.

So now you have needles you need some lovely yarn to start working with. I would recommend that very early on in your learning to knit journey you use handspun wool for knitting with, because the love put into the handspun yarns will show in your work. This pretty yarn is from Love Handspun.

Whitney's Tropical Oasis has made these lovely stitch markers that will be really useful if you are planning to learn to knit in the round. I love knitting in the round as one of my dislikes is sewing the pieces together and when knitting in the round there is less sewing to do.

This beautiful and fun looking needle gauge from Succaplokki will be very useful for you if, you like me, like to pick up knitting needles from charity shops. Many of them have no sizes on them so this gauge will help with finding out which are which. I pick up these second hand needles so that when I'm teaching people to knit I can gift them some needles to get them started.

So if you are wavering on the point of deciding to learn to knit, it say go for it! If you need a teacher, and can't find one, go along to a local residential home for the elderly and ask if any of the residents know how to knit. I'm sure they would love to teach you.

Written by Lynne of Pirate Pixie Crew and Hyperloop Hoops


  1. Lovely stuff - I've been coveting some of Penny Dog's sparkley knitting needles for ages and I can't even knit...

  2. Great feature & lovely items, like the needle gauge too - excellent x

  3. great items!!

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  4. Knitting has always been cool to me ;-)


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