26 Jun 2009

Googly eyes!

Googly eyed monsters have always thrilled me. I think it stems from my love of Jim Henson and his work. I think Jim was a genius. Some just saw him as an entertainer but I think he was much deeper than that. He took the normal and mundane and turned that on it's head. Today I thought I'd go and search out some googly eyed handmade goodies to share with you, so you can see why I love them so.

This gorgeous handmade"Googly-Eyed Boy Bear" from hasenpfeffer has eyes that make you want to look after him. This range of bears has clothes to go with them, so he can play dress up.

VeryHappyEverything's Quintopus pendant is wiggly and adorable. I love his swirly whirly eyes and the fact one is much bigger than the other. My doodles always have one eye bigger than the other.

These Mary Jane shoes from Emandsprout will make walking about so much more fun. Their large mouths and huge eyes are monster-ish, but not scary.Some monsters can be friends!

Wendy's Whimsical Designs' froggy cards are great! Note cards are great for just jotting joyful friendly messages to loved ones. Anyone receiving one of these frog would be so happy.

StaceyRebecca definitely has a great sense of imagination and to me that's a fantastic thing. This googly eyed "Microwave of DOOM" finger puppet is a good example of her sense of fun and visualization of the usual in an unusual way.

I'm glad that even though Jim Henson is no longer with us, we still have people in the world that can create a little of that genius. I'm glad we still have googly eyed creations. I'm glad we still have people that can see the purpose in silliness.

Written by Lynne of PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops


  1. great pics! I love googly eye things... my bf especially likes that googly eyed stack of bills creature that does those geico commercials. =D

  2. You can't go wrong with googly-eyed cuteness!
    Very fun!


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