24 Jun 2009

Stay away from my Jam Wasp!

For breakfast this morning I had gluten free toast and some delicious raspberry jam whilst sitting on the low wall around the edge of our lawn in the garden. As I was sipping my cup of Ceylon tea a wasp came a sniffing around. It's the first one I have seen this year. They are amazing creatures, but I really don't want them on my toast, so I encouraged it to go about it's life somewhere else by breaking off the piece of toast it was on and dropping it in the hedge. I'm not surprised it wanted my jam, because it was delicious. Lets see some goods from others that are obviously jam lovers.

Miss Pickles Press is spreading the love with her jam jar labels that she sill customise for you, so that your home made jams will look extra special. Handmade jam is perfect to give as a gift and they will be even more impressive with these labels on them.

bovinebubbles' white peach and vanilla bean jam is a flavour I've not tried before but it sounds scrummy. The colour is so enticing and the description of "Sweet and sinful!" makes me want to try some.

Just how beautiful is this jar of sweet dandelion jelly from Swan Mountains Soaps? It looks as golden as honey, another of my favourites. This is a limited edition so get in their fast and order yours, before they all get snapped up.

Lavender Fields 4 Ever's D'Anjou Pear Butter has that beautiful amber colour that reminds me of warm autumn evenings. As a lover of pears I think this spread would be right up my street. Mmmmm an upside down pear cake with this butter melted over it....

... oops sorry I'll stop day dreaming about cakes and tell you about Lemon Bird's Cherry and organic star anise jam. What better way is there to extend the cherry season? Spicing it up with some star anise too is just a stroke of genius!

Handmade jam is always so much more yummy that mass produced, but not everyone has the time or skill to make it. Thankfully there are lots of talented handmade jam makers out there. Handmade jam is a bit like fine wine, each batch of jam comes out slightly different so savour the fine handmade vintages on offer.

Written by Lynne of PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops


  1. mmmmmmmmm this is my kind of post!!!! I LOVE jam mmmmmm I'm off to eat now....

  2. Hey miss, are you gluten free? Just checking coz there was no mention for the wedding. We have another gluten free guest - so I'm sure we can make sure you're allright ...

  3. Oh, I was trying to guess what a Jam Wasp was! Yum, I always buy homemade jams or relishes from markets. Never really thought of getting it from the 'net.


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