17 Jun 2009

Snail mail Joy

In this world of direct messaging, emails and texts, how often do you send someone a hand written message via snail mail? I'm guessing not that often, maybe birthdays and Christmas? Well I'm here today to urge you to do it more often. I have a friend called Jo and she sends loads of notes and cards via snail mail and everyone I have ever received I have cherished. They are so much more personal than an email or a text, even if they say the same thing. There is something about that envelope coming through the letterbox and the hand written message being in your hands that makes it so special, not least because it is something coming through the door that's not a bill! There are so many handmade cards to choose from out there, that are individual and fun.

Do you remember blowing paint across paper as a child? SooBoo obviously does as she has created these beautiful cards using that method. I'd love to receive one of these cards as it would make me have a go at paint blowing again. It would remind me to let my inner child out to play again!

Rawr! Were you afraid to go into the water? This card will cure you off your fear. This pop up card from Cut & Fold is so much fun you will soon stop worrying about the creatures of the deep. Not only will this card make you smile but it will eat your dinner!

This card is Dan Jackson's take on Strawberry Fields Forever. I love Dan's cards because they are full of fun and the bright colours appeal to me. If this one isn't quite right for what you need to say, check out his shop there are lots of different ones all that will give the receiver a wry smile.

Now I'm a bit of a sucker for cards with penguins on. They are just such ridiculous looking birds when on land, but under the sea they soar as effortlessly as the largest bird of pray. Elli Moody's Penguins are just so darn cute!

A Mc Seveny Creations cards are a set of 6 made from recycled materials, so a green way to post out messages of joy at the arrival of a new baby. The person you send it to can keep it forever as a keepsake of the day your child came into the world.

I've only showing you a selection of 5 here but search for yourself to find that perfect one for the person you are going to write to. Do it today. You could brighten up someones day!

Yesterday I promised to let you know about a project I have on the go. Sadly I can't find any batteries that are charged for our camera, so once they have charged back up I'll get some shots to share with you.

Written by Lynne of PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops


  1. Fab cards - although Dan Jacksons is making a little bit hungry....

  2. I was thrilled to see my straw blown dye note card on your blog! I adore the other cards you chose as well from other artists! All your choices are so different and appeal to every kind of person.
    Thanks so much!

  3. Great post Lynne. You are so right about hand written mail. It is another dying art, we don't do it often enough.


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