9 Jun 2009


I love Fruit! I eat tonnes of it every week. Thank god it's good for you or I'd have to ration myself and that would be horrible. From Plums to Pears and Apricots to apples I love them all. If and when I have a big enough plot of land I will be growing every fruit that's possible to grow in the UK. Yummmmm!

Soapsmith has combined the great smell of apples with the spice scent of cinnamon in this bar of soap. Imagine just how refreshed you would feel if you washed with this after a workout.

Orangy red Ink's choker of cherries looks like an old style 50's tattoo. I love the fact the cherry stalks have knots tied in them. What an unusual and fun necklace this is.

Kimberlys Candles And More's jelly candle smells of apricots and cream, Mmmmmmmmmm what a great combination. Lighting this will fill your room with the most gorgeous scent.

ColtPixy's banana pendant is just so cute. Made from polymer clay it really has got a whole lot of character. I love the way the peeling skin is used to make arms.

Pippin Designs' felt rasperry is huge! Imagine if you could really get raspberries this size. I would take the stalk out and fill the centre with raspberry ripple ice cream...

...now I'm hungry. Breakfast! Time for some sliced bananas and cornflakes in natural yoghurt.

Written by Lynne of PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops


  1. This is a lovely selection, what gorgeous items!

  2. That necklace is beautiful, you're right it looks just like a tattoo:)

  3. What a great selection of items!


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