22 Jun 2009

Hug Me (part2)

As promised, in the first Hug Me article, I bring you more beautiful handmade cuddly toys. All of the below plushies just make me go into snuggle mode. As the summer is here we will have to hang up our Mexican hammock in the garden so I can spend a happy afternoon curled up in it, with a good book and one, or all of these scrummy handmade soft toys.

Charlie the super hero looks to me like he can give fabulous hugs. Tullykatalley has made him with long outstretched arms, which are just perfect for giving giant hugs. Judging by his huge smile he's a very happy fellow. I wonder what story book he's like to be reading with me.

Reeneegurumi's Geoffry the lion looks like he needs some cuddles. He looks a little lost. Could it be he wants someone to read him a story? Perhaps he'd like to hear some of The Lion, witch and the wardrobe. He might want to take his charming striped cardigan off when he is in the hammock as it's quite warm in the sunshine.

Bunnies Inc.'s zombie bunny might be a bit of a biter, but even zombies need a squishy hug sometimes. I think as long as you don't let him nibble your brain everything will be fine. I'm guessing he's going to like reading a scary horror book... ewww not my kind of thing.

Odd Sox's sad little plushie is just looking for a home where he can be loved. Maybe an afternoon reading comic books with me in a hammock with a bunch of other cuddly friends would make him happy. Could you put a smile on his face by giving him a forever home filled with love?

I think Frute Juce's Panda Pops has already climbed up the tree to tie the hammock to. He is very eager to have hugs and stories. I wonder if he has a copy of "Panda big, panda small" to read us all. Whatever book he chooses I think he would be fantastic to have a cwtch with.

Don't spend your day alone when you can have a handmade cuddly friend to keep you company. They will brighten your day and make everything you do so much more fun as you'll have someone to share it with.

Written by Lynne of PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops


  1. Charlie the super hero is just too cute! - CT


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