13 Jun 2009

Picnic anyone?

So now that summer is here and the days are longer my thoughts turn to trips out in the countryside, festivals and hula hooping in the park. What goes with all those things? Fabulous fun filled picnics! There is nothing nicer than sitting outside with the sun shining down on you whilst you eat a meal with friends. Now if you aren't able to go anywhere special but you have a park near by or even just in your garden, why not pack up some lovely snacks and drinks into a bag with a picnic rug and invite all your friends along to have an afternoon of fun!

This card from Purls of Wizzdom is perfect for sending out as an invite to all your pals to get them to come along. Just ask them each to bring a round of their favourite sandwiches and a bag of crisps and you can all mix and match for an inexpensive joy filled day.

If you are going off to the park for your picnic, you will need a strong bag to carry all your goodies with you. This one from Mariners Supply Co will fit the bill perfectly, with it's strong handle and tough canvas it's strong enough to hold the heaviest packed lunch you can fit in it.

Every good picnic needs a punnet of strawberries. These giant fruit from Leialou are sure to make anyone salivate. Don't forget to take the fromage frais along to dip your strawberries in, or a bottle of Champagne if you prefer.

Another thing you must never forget to take with you is a hat and some sunblock to wear. We don't want anyone getting heat stroke or sunburn. No this hat from Raffique is perfect for keeping your head cool and looking pretty.

If you are going to stay out all day until the sun starts to set you will be please to have remembered to take this shawl from Tisserande with you, because after a day in the sun you will feel the chill quite quickly when the sun drops down close to the horizon.

Go on! Go out into a green area and meet up with friends and family to have a fun filled picnic day. Take your hula hoop, frisbee, skipping rope, poi, tennis racquet, football... anything you fancy really and play like you are 5 years old again and spend one whole day laughing and chilling out. It will revitalise you and fill you full of energy for weeks to come.

Written by Lynne of Hyperloop Hoops and Pirate Pixie Crew

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