9 Jun 2009

Geek unique

I live with a man that love nothing much better than taking his computer to bits and re-building it to make it work faster or make less noise, or generally just because he can and a lot of people would say that makes him a geek. The say the word 'geek' like it's an insult, but to me my man has geeky goodness and I'm proud of him for that. I love that he is able to take computer components and put them all together to build a functioning computer, so this blog is for him and all the other people out there that love their computers.

These Cushions from Diffraction Fiber just made me smile. I think they would look great on our sofa. I can just see Jon, when he is fed up of me chatting on and on about handmade goods pressing all three of them in the hope he can reboot the conversation to something he is more interested in.

This necklace from DigiBling (great name!) reminds me of my dad. He was an electrical engineer and he had boxes and boxes of computer and electrical components all over our house. Even in his bedroom and in a cupboard on the landing. Sadly he died before I met Jon. They would have got on like a house on fire.

We have 2 weddings to go to next month and I was thinking that maybe I should get Jon some cuff links for his dress shirt and I spotted these from Capitolagirl. They would do the job perfectly and Jon would love them.

I picked this clock because I love the colour of the disc face on it. I have always loved how pretty some computer components look. I have a facination for shiny disc's hence I still love CD. I'm guessing the creator behind The Geekery Shop loves them to as they made this clock.

The last pick is this eject symbol ring. Much of the jewellery made from computer parts just look like a piece pulled off a keyboard and glued to a silver mount. This one from Creative Dexterity could never be accused of that. The ring mount is beautiful and the button looks like a fine gem stone that has most carefully been encased in sliver. Fabulous work!

I think people with geeky skills deserve to be praised not ridiculed for they make it possible for the computer illiterate like me to be on-line selling my handmade goods, so I say, more power to their talented elbows, because I need them!

Written by Lynne of the Pirate Pixie Crew and Hyperloop Hoops


  1. Great selection, as always - I love that necklace especially.

  2. Yes, power to the geeks! I'm in love with my computer but I sure wouldn't take it apart. I don't know what's in the fancy white laptop but I know it does cool things.

    I love all the geekery you've posted, especially the pillows.

    Love my hoop, by the way. I've been practicing with it and having fun.

  3. Awesome article! I especially love 'DigiBling' - they have a couple of awesome belts... i may have to treat myself!!

  4. The pillows are cute. I know quote a few techy geeks who would love a set of those.


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