5 Jun 2009

I got tagged!

Today I found out I had been tagged in the 8 things challenge by CeeGee Jewellery, so I thought I better get on with it or I would forget and not do it. My memory is rubbish!

So what is this 8 things tag all about? Well these are the rules:-

1. Mention the name of the person who tagged you. (Done)
2. Do the lists of 8. (see below)
3. Tag 8 bloggers of your choice. (Hmmm thinking about that)
4. Let them know that they have been tagged! (Will do, once I've decided who to tag)

So here we go:

8 Things I'm looking forward to:

1. Southern Lights Festival - not long now... ooooooOOOoOOOooo so excited!
2. Mithi and Drews Wedding - Two very gorgeous people that deserve all the happiness in the world!
3. Frances and Tony's wedding - Jon's mum and her Dutch hunk of a man with a fabulous moustache are tying the knot a week after Mithi and Drew. Yippee for finding love.
4. Finishing the garden - so we don't have any more bare earth being traipsed into the house every day.
5. Finishing renovation of this house so we can sell it and move either onto a boat or find the land to build our tyre house.
6. Going up to the mountains and the river to swim in the icy cold water on a sunny day.
7. Getting the money together for a serge sewing machine - I have some gorgeous fabric I want to make a jacket from but I need a serge machine to do it as my sewing machine is so old it won't do the stitches I need it to.
8. Getting some kind of balance back to my health, so I can get a job that will pay me enough money to make #7 happen.

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1. delivered a hula hoop to a lovely lady that works in my village.
2. walked very slowly along side the canal and saw a kingfisher.
3. ate ice cream
4. played literati
5. walked very slowly to my sisters house
6. hugged my niece who has just come back from uni
7. filled a bit of the gap between the path and new lawn with soil ready for seeding with grass
8. took a shed load of pain killers

8 Things I wish I could do:

1. get rid of the pain in my legs.
2. sing - I have a terrible singing voice.
3. work, so I can contribute more to the house costs and give us a disposable income so we could go to more festivals and have more fun.
4. get out and about more without it making me sicker.
5. get into an aeroplane and not have a panic attack about being locked in.
6. visit every country in the world.
7. learn to speak a whole range of languages - I just don't seem to have the ability or aptitude for learning all those words.
8. remember things. Having a really bad memory is very, very annoying.

8 Shows I Watch: I don't really have TV shows that I have to watch... TV kind of passes me by for the most part, so instead I'll pick 8 handmade things I'd love to own (in no particular order).

1.GypsyLadyHats is the creator of this gem, but I'd like it in a purple colour.

2.Isadora Clothing makes such gorgeous dresses and I love the new hem line on her Chameleon dress, again I'd like the dress in purple.

3.This listing is too large for me but I've messages damsel in this dress to see if she has a smaller one *fingers crossed* If she does it's going to be mine... some how!

4.Oh how I love these triangle trousers from cocoricooo. The colours, the shape and the design make me smile, so I want some to dance and hoop in.

5.Here are some more clothes from Dancing Tree Creations for hooping that I'd not only like to own but like to stock on my Hyperloop Hoops site. Black trousers with deep orange stitching anyone?

6.These little crochet shoes look so comfy and colourful I'd love to own them. Lepiedleger makes them in various colours so I'm sure you could get them to match any outfit.

7.The next 2 items are goods I sadly missed out on owning because I wasn't quick enough in getting the cash together. Ah well they are still beautiful. This flutterby dress is from Herban Devi

8.And these rich coloured trousers are from the creative Seidi. *Le sigh* I should have got in their faster.

My 8 tagged blogger are:

Mithi - Fabulous and lovely! Check out her creations on her blog. She is most talented.
Baldylocks - Artistic and and a kick ass lady. I have much respect for this lady.
Swirlyarts - for her chicken love and her kind heart, read this ladies blog.
Ruby Spirit Designs - This lady has the same sense of humour as me.
Kitty Ballistic - Another person that I have a big respect for. Hard working and fun to chat to.
The Other Mousie - is someone that I love to chat to on twitter.
Sianburys - because she makes the best sock monkeys I've ever seen.
MCK Photography - Our photography tutor for Autonomous Artisans.

Wow this blog took me ages to write.

Written my Lynne of Pirate Pixie Crew and Hyperloop Hoops


  1. AAArrghhh! I've been tagged! Tagged! The pain, it's terrible, I can't bear .....oh, wait a minute... what's tagging? It doesn't hurt? It might even be fun? Yay! Count me in!

  2. Love the clothes choices - that hat is amazing! I don't have good hair for hats unfortunately...

  3. I would give anything for that hat and if a purple one appears you may have to race me for it:)

  4. I was just reading that & saw my name - thanks I wasn't expecting that!! That's really kind!! I was actually just going to write that on your list of 8 things you wish you could do I know where you are coming from with number 5 as I have a form of agoraphobia that stops me dead, although I am working through it - there I've finally announced it to the world!!!!! I keep thinking about blogging about it... but would people want to know??

    Sorry can't believe I've just said that!

  5. Miaw! Yay for Love and Weddings and Kingfishers and Ice creams and sisters ;)


  6. Amazing selection, I made the mistake of showing the tops hats and Damsel in this dress to my other half.... she now has a long shopping list!


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