4 Jun 2009

Dressing up for Summer

So summer looks like it is here and I've decided that this summer I'm going to try and look a bit less scruffy and get dressed up a bit more often. So today I went looking for handmade summer dresses to help me spruce up my wardrobe. I found so many gorgeous frocks I just had to share a few with you.

This cute little dress for all you people with lovely long legs is from 3 am Poems. It's just so much fun and would look great at the beach but equally great dressed up with some jewellery at a party.

I have made no secret of my love of the clothes Malam makes and this dress is one of her best. Firstly it's orange and I love orange and secondly it has a pixie hood and swirly skirt. I would be in dress heaven wearing this.

Now this dress from Llynfi is very different from the 2 above. It's simple stylish lines are beautiful and the hemp fabric will keep you cool even on the hottest day. This hemp fabric is very environmentally friendly and was made in Bali by skilled weavers who have been fairly paid for their work, so all in all this dress is green and a fair trade item. Great!

The Pirate Pixie in me just made me feature this dress from Funki Pixi Clothing. I love the various lengths of the hem and the way the skirt flares out at the bottom. It would be great fun to hula hoop in this dress. The colour is like a clear summer sky at noon. It's just gorgeous!

This pretty dress is just perfect for a summer wedding on the lawn of a Stately Home or Posh hotel, or maybe for a posh picnic at the regatta. TooHoi's simple lines dress with bold pattern really does scream at me stylish summer gathering.

If none of these dresses are quite your style do go and do a search for 'Handmade Summer Dress' on any of the usual handmade market place sites and you will find so many beautiful dresses. Just be sure you have a good hour's time to be looking as you will be there some time.


  1. The dresses are gorgeous, but my favourite is definitely the orane dress by Malam.

  2. I am all over the summer dress thing. I love the colours and the swishy skirts. Beautiful selection you've posted!

  3. oooh I rather like the look of that hemp dress. I'd love to wear the orange one but I'm not sure i'd get away with it(boo hoo)

    I've just come across your site and I love it

  4. Love the hemp dress! They are all so pretty, though How refreshing!


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